About Us

Wine-of-the-Month Club is South Africa’s longest standing and largest wine club. Started in 1986 by Colin Collard, our focus has always been to sell wine that our expert panel have selected in a blind tasting.  

Why? Let’s face it. Wine can be intimidating. It’s difficult to try a new wine and to be sure it is top quality. But, how best do you do this?

Well, before we get to that - answer these three questions:
  • How many times have you chosen the same old wine - just to be safe?
  • Have you ever stood in front of a supermarket shelf of wine and not known which to choose?
  • Wouldn’t you like to learn more about wine, get to taste different types of wine and have them conveniently delivered to your home?

Did you answer ‘yes’ to any of these?

So, what is the best way to solve this problem without the risk of trying lots of ordinary and expensive wines? Easy...
  • We invite a panel of 12 independent expert wine judges every week
  • We ask them to taste and score all the wines blind in a neutral environment at our premises
  • Blind wine tasting ensures no judge is influenced by a label or the beauty of a wine farm or the warmth of the host
  • So that you can purchase only the very best scoring wines
  • Plus enjoy our add-ons to help you learn and enjoy more about wine. Exclusive tasting notes, storage necktags and the South African Connoisseur magazine (An Insider's Guide to Wine).

This way, we focus only on what’s most important "what you taste in the glass".

Whether you Join a Club or Buy Wine as and when you want to, we only offer you our Panel’s very best.



"I don’t know if you have access to just how long I’ve been a member of your wine club, but it’s many years. Many years of wonderful good wines. I’ve genuinely never had a bad wine...”
Walter Passet, Blue Horizon Bay

“I’m very busy ... I work at multiple venues everyday – I just love the way your delivery guys make time to get me my delivery just when it suits me, a BIG shout out to the team.”
T. Moleleki, Fourways

“Thank you for bringing fine living to our busy lives ... full of good ideas and innovative surprises for your customers.
I can’t help wondering how many hard working people must be ‘behind the scene’.”
Dr. Julija Erhardt, Bryanston

“Thanks for the quick refund for the Semillon. I tried the wine and it was good. I’m just not a big Semillon fan.” R. Khoza, Soweto
“Since joining the Wine-of-the-Month Club tasting panel as a founder member 28 years ago, I must have blind tasted at least 50 000 wines. I've seen the standard of Cape wines improve steadily over the years and I have never tired of discovering new ones every week.” 
Dave Biggs, Wine-of-the-Month Club panel member

“It feels like Christmas every time I open my box of wine. I’m like a kid in a candy store.”
E. Gracenor, Parkdene