Legacy Lifestyle has partnered with Wine-of-the-Month Club,
South Africa's longest standing and largest wine club.

We know that trying out new wine can be intimidating and often you might choose the same old wine that you always get. How do you try new wine and be confident in your selection? Wine-of-the-Month Club helps you solve this problem without the risk of having to try lots of ordinary wines at great expense.

But how? …

Each week we invite a panel of 12 wine experts to blind taste 80 different wines (over the year, more than 3 200). They taste the wines blind. That is, they don’t see the labels. the prices, they aren’t told the names of the producers, or where the wines come from.

Judging wines this way means the panellists cannot be influenced by a producer’s clever advertising or skilful marketing, or even its winemaker’s past reputation. They look for one thing, and one thing only: quality in the glass.

Only the very best scoring wines make it into our selections.

As a Legacy Lifestyle member, you are invited to join the Wine-of-the-Month Club and enjoy the finest wines delivered directly to your doorstep. Lifestyle Members Earn 5% back in rewards with Wine-of-the-Month Club when they purchase online.

Do you know that you don’t have to be a member of the club to order wine or anything else from Wine-of-the-Month Club?