How to Clean Wine Glasses

Do you have a lovely set of crystal wine glasses at home? Drinking wine out of glassware specifically designed for the purpose, can heighten the wine experience like nothing else.

Sure you bring them out when having a dinner party. The best wine, the best glasses.

The aftermath is the problem. On your precious receptacles you may find lipstick stains and greasy fingers marks once the dinner has ended. The problem is that crystal glassware is porous, and so it absorb smells easily. Meaning, you not only have to get the glasses clean quickly, but you have to be careful with what you clean them with.

Here are our tips on how to clean crystal wine glasses:

If you don’t feel like doing the dishes straight after the dinner party, make sure to add water to all your dirty glasses, so as to avoid the various marks and leftover wine leaving a stain.

Use fragrance-free detergent.

Clean your glasses by hand using a sponge and warm soapy water.

Rinse and sterilise glass in a bath of 1 Tbsp bleach / 4 litre water.

Dry with a cotton rag and polish to remove any fingerprints or water spots. 


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