Wine picks for Cape Malay-style pickled fish
   03/23/2016 13:03:16    0 Comments
Wine picks for Cape Malay-style pickled fish

The question is of course, what wine goes well with this complex dish? Here’s our pick:

Solms-Delta Lekkerwijn Rose 2012: Not only will this rosé complement curried fish, but we think it’s pretty fitting as Solms-Delta has a long, rich Cape history. ‘Lekkerwijn’ translates to ‘good wine’.

Robertson Gewurztraminer SLH 2013:This luscious, aromatic wine will be just the foil for the traditional fish.

Spier Signature Sweet 2013: Lovely and full this wine has attractive sweetness offset by the fresh acidity of juicy nectarines. Pairing this with the pickled fish will be sheer foodie harmony. 

Try this recipe for Cape Malay-style pickled fish; and the golden rules of chocolate and wine pairing should help you with you Easter eggs.



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