The golden rules of wine and chocolate pairing
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The golden rules of wine and chocolate pairing

Chocolate and wine may seem like an obvious pairing—but the truth is, it really isn't as wine and chocolate rarely harmonise, these two can put up a bit of a fight.

We think people like to pair them as both chocolate and wine help some to relax, or perhaps it’s that the process of making chocolate is very similar to wine: both cocoa beans and wine are fermented with the very same type of yeast.

Regardless, there’s only one way to survive Easter as a wine lover, and that’s by following these golden rules:

1. Because white chocolate doesn’t contain any actual cocoa, but rather cocoa fat this makes it an easy number to pair with wine. Try: vintage port or a rosé port, or even a Noble Late Harvest.

2. Milk chocolate also has the aid of a bit of fat from the cream—making it also a cool customer for your chocolate eggs. Try: a cream sherry, Shiraz or a vintage port.

3. Break out the bubbly for caramel flavoured chocolate: try a demi sec MCC, or if you’re not into that kind of thing a cream sherry will do too.

4. The trickiest of the lot is dark chocolate, which is high in tannin, so don’t go pairing it with high tannin wines. Try: a light red, Noble Late Harvest and vintage port.

Have a happy Easter from all of us at the Wine-of-the-Month Club!


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