Monday Blind Tasting: 12 October 2020
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Monday Blind Tasting: 12 October 2020

Tonight the panel is blind tasting the following wines:

Tonight the panel is blind tasting the following wines:

Dry White Blends

Boplaas Cape Portuguese White Blend

Bon Courage Estate Blend

Stellenrust Kleine Rust Blend

Elemental Bob Cosmic Hand White Blend

Allee Bleue Isabeau

Bosman Adam White

De Trafford Sijnn White

Keermont Terrasse

Avondale Cyclus

Beaumont New Baby 

Nitida Coronata Integration 

Thor Age of the Rebel Chard/Sem/Roussanne

Darling Lime Kilns 

Blake's Tourmaline

Nitida Coronata Integration 

Wildeberg Coterie White

Alvi's Drift Reserve CVC

Lomond SSV

Sauvignon Blanc

Spioenkop 1900 Sauvignon Blanc

Lomond Sugarbush 

Bouchard Finlayson Sauvignon Blanc

Tierhoek Sauvignon Blanc

Cape Point Noordhoek Sauvignon Blanc

De Wetshof Sauvignon Blanc

Simonsig Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Vigne d Ór Sauvignon Blanc

L'Avenir Horizon Sauvignon Blanc

Lomond Sauvignon Blanc

Zevenwacht Sauvignon Blanc

Lomond Romans Sauvignon Blanc

Rietvallei Sauvignon Blanc

Allee Bleue Sauvignon Blanc

Zevenwacht 7even Sauvignon Blanc

Rietvallei John B Sauvignon Blanc

Alvi's Drift Sauvignon Blanc

Non-Bordeaux Blends

Sijnn Red

Kranskop MCT Selection

KWV Roodeberg Dr Charles Niehaus

Lomond Belladonna SMV 2017

Klein Constantia Petit Frere 7

Clos Malverne Auret

Sijnn Low Profile

Hartenberg Doorkeeper GSM

Leipzig The Manor

Alvi's Drift Special Cuvee

Alvi's Drift Reserve Drift Fusion

Albertus Viljoen Bismarck

Tierhoek GSM

Thor Age of the Rebel Shiraz Mourvedre

Lomonda Romans Bay 1895

Middelvlei Pinotage Merlot

Rietvallei John B Cab Tinta Barocca


L'Avenir Provenance Merlot

Alvi's Drift Signature Merlot

De Trafford Merlot

Lomond Merlot

Maastricht Merlot

Vergenoegd Merlot

Zevenwacht Merlot

Clos Malverne Merlot

Haskell Dombeya Merlot

Thor Age of the Reebel Merlot

Kleine Zalze Cellar Sel. Merlot

Walker Bay Merlot

Bosman Generation 8 Merlot

Glenwood Merlot

Middelvlei Rooster Merlot

Stellenrust Merlot

Boland Classic Selection Merlot

Bon Courage Mulberry Bush Merlot

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