Why these Festive Hampers make the best gifts

Why these Festive Hampers make the best gifts
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It comes around faster than you think. You either love Christmas shopping or you grin and bear it; trying to get it over with as quickly as possible. It’s just one of those things.

Finding the best gifts for your Food and Wine loving friends is not easy. Especially being as busy as you are. You know how it goes …

Aimlessly wondering the shopping centre. Finding something you think they might like. Buying it and knowing they probably not going to think it is amazing. And then wrapping it … Dammit! … you forgot to buy the wrapping paper. Every year it is the same old routine, until now ... Wine-of-the-Month Club’s Festive Gift Collection

We have got something for all your Foodie friends and at any budget you willing to spend. 

All you need to do is choose. We do the rest. Pack, wrap & deliver straight to them. We even handwrite the card with your personal message (tick Gift on step 4 of the checkout). 

You type, we write (pack, wrap and deliver). Easy as that.

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P.S. Here’s why these Festive Hampers make the best gifts:

  1. They satisfy even the hardest to buy for
  2. You can avoid the stores and buy them online
  3. They are beautifully presented
  4. There’s an option for every budget
  5. They are full of unique quality products that you don’t find everywhere


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