Shorter nights & longer days | Time for some…

Shorter nights & longer days | Time for some…
Dear Reader

We’ve almost made it! Tomorrow is the winter solstice, which means the nights are going to get a little shorter and the days a little longer and that summer is getting a little closer.

I enjoy winter, but that is because we can appreciate it for what it is and then move on to warmer weather. The winter solstice is that tipping point, ever so slight towards summer, but nevertheless it means summer is coming and instantly makes these colder mornings just that bit easier to deal with.

I enjoy white wine all year-round, but if you are someone that only drinks red in winter and white in summer … today is a good day to change it up. Here are 2 high-scoring panel-selected white wines for you to enjoy. As well as some high-scoring panel-selected reds (if you not as optimistic as me).

Kind Regards,
Colin Collard




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