These are some of the properties and characteristics of the Viognier grape:

  • the tip of the young branch shows a medium to high density of flat hairs
  • young, green leaves with slightly bronze areas
  • light green or mid-green adult leaves that are small or medium-sized, orbicular with three or five lobes
  • average-sized serrations with straight or convex sides rounded grapes
  • The variety is usually trellised (it is sometimes rather sensitive to wind) and undergoes moderate long cane pruning
  • Traditionally grown in acid soils
  • It is not very susceptible to grey rot

If someone gives you a glass of wine and asks you what wine it is, here are characteristics that will help you identify the varietal:

Spicy with a creamy texture, tinned peaches, marshmallows, apricots, cinnamon, blossoms.
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