Gregory Mutambe

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“Somm say wine, it is forever”Gregory Mutambe is a Qualified Cape Sommelier.

David Biggs

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“I believe wine improves with age. The older I get the more I enjoy it.”David Biggs is a Wine-of-the-Month Club founding member.

Margaret Fundira

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“There is always something new, just around the corner, waiting to be discovered”Margaret Fundira has been judging wine since 2001.

Colin Collard

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“The most expensive wines are not necessarily the best”Colin Collard, founded The Wine-of-the-Month Club in 1986.

PJ 'Buks' Nel

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“The tough choice of deciding whether a 1904 Rhine Riesling was better than a 1945”PJ 'Buks' Nel has been on the Wine-of-the-Month Club panel for the last 22 years and has also judged for the Veritas Wine Awards.
The annual awards celebrate and reward winemakers whose wines were selected by our VinoVets (independent panel) in the past year.
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