What wines are best served with South African food?

Remember there are no hard-and-fast rules. These suggestions should be used as many exciting South African food and wine adventures. Boerewors needs a robust dry red wine like a Cabernet Sauvignon, or a blended red but remember you will be eating a standing up and wreathed in smoke from the braai, so don’t go serving an expensive bottle with subtle nuances of flavor.

Traditional braai wines include old favourites like Tassenberg and Chateau Libertas. Mieliepap is our equivalent of the Italian polenta, so try a sturdy red wine as close to Chianti as you can get. A shiraz could be exactly right.   Biltong is very seldom served with wine. You may find it simpler to have it with a beer. If you are having wine, try a Pinotage. That’s a truly all South African combination.   Sosaties come in many guises, but they’re usually spiced with some curry flavours. You’d probably find a nicely chilled dry Rose makes a good match. Or go with a gewürztraminer or a crisp young Riesling.