Is red wine good for your health?

Recent studies have indicated that wine—and red wine in particular—really is good for our health when taken in moderation. Apparently “moderation” in this case is about a glass and a half each day. The particular component of red wine that helps to reduce incidence of heart disease is a substance called resveritol, which appears to flush away the bad cholesterols that threaten to clog our arteries.

The French have a long tradition of serving wines to children from a very early age. However, because of their lighter body-weights, children would soon get very drunk on full-strength wine, so parents invariably dilute the wine they serve to their children. Pure, fresh, grape juice is probably just as healthy for children, but it doesn’t last as long as wine as it lacks that essential preservative, alcohol. The “grape juice” sold in cartons is usually a blend of several kinds of fruit juice with added vitamins. Opinions differ as to its health-giving properties.