How do I know what wine to buy?

There are indeed thousands of wines out there (literally) and nobody can hope to know them all. Luckily they come in an infinite variety of styles—and prices—so you have the delightful task of exploring them until you find the kind of wine that gives you the most pleasure.

Remember that nobody can tell you what you enjoy. This is something only you can discover.

Suggestion a) Start by buying a bottle or two at a price you can afford. Just pick a pretty label if you don’t know the wines. Take them home and taste them with your supper. Make a note of those you enjoy and those you dislike and you’ll soon be drinking wines that please you.

Suggestion b) Drive out to the winelands each Saturday and visit one or two wine cellars for tastings. You’ll be able to discuss the wines with the people on duty and build up an idea of what you like.

Suggestion c) Join the Wine-of-the-Month Club and receive your regular selection of wines to try. This way you’ll be exposed to a huge selection of wines in different styles, and be given details of when to drink them and what foods to serve with them.

This is probably the best way of getting to know wines, because every wine in the club selection has been tasted and approved by a panel of experienced tasters, so you’re not likely to receive any wines that are faulty or unpleasant. Pretty soon you’ll discover what wines suit your palate.