How do I choose a glass?

Remember that wine should delight ALL the senses. It should not only taste and smell good, but look good as well. Serve wine in a thin, clear glass that shows off the colour and clarity to best advantage. Avoid coloured glasses.

The glass should have a stem, so it can be held without warming the wine inside it.

The rim should preferably curve inward, so it gathers the aromas together and concentrates them under the drinker’s nose.

Wine glasses should always be stored the right way up. If they are left upside down they can develop a slightly mouldy smell from the trapped damp air inside. They can also pick up odours from the shelf. Some restaurants use a rack that suspends wine glasses upside down by their bases.

Glasses should be kept sparkling clean and given a wipe with a soft cloth before being set out.

If they are washed in detergent, make sure they are well rinsed in clear water before drying. Even a minute hint of detergent residue can affect the taste of the wine.