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Irina von Holdt

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“I moonlight as a winemaker, or maybe I am a winemaker moonlighting as a wine writer.”Irina became a Cape Wine Master in 1989.

Dr. Winifred Bowman

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“A serious business that is also a lot of fun too”Winnie Bowman is a Cape Wine Master and has been judging wine since 2005.

Gregory Mutambe

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“Somm say wine, it is forever”Gregory Mutambe is a Qualified Cape Sommelier.

David Biggs

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“I believe wine improves with age. The older I get the more I enjoy it.”David Biggs is a Wine-of-the-Month Club founding member.

Margaret Fundira

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“There is always something new, just around the corner, waiting to be discovered”Margaret Fundira has been judging wine since 2001.

Colin Collard

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“The most expensive wines are not necessarily the best”Colin Collard, founded The Wine-of-the-Month Club in 1986.

PJ 'Buks' Nel

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“The tough choice of deciding whether a 1904 Rhine Riesling was better than a 1945”PJ 'Buks' Nel has been on the Wine-of-the-Month Club panel for the last 22 years and has also judged for the Veritas Wine Awards.
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